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"asatoma sadgamaya, tamasoma jyotirgamaya, mrytyorma amritamgamaya, om shantih shantih shantih"
Lead us from unreality of transitory existence to the reality of eternal self; lead us from the darkness of ignorance
to the light of spiritual knowledge; lead us from the fear of death to the knowledge of immortality. Read more

Wish You a Very Happy Birthday

DIBAKAR KANJILAL (Department - B.Tech-EE), MD Selim Reza (Department - B.Tech-ME), Rana Sabui (Department - B.Tech-ME), Subhajit Banduri (Department - Diploma-EE)


Modern Institute of Engineering & Technology (MIET) started its journey in 2010. MIET pursues not only academic excellence but a value based system to provide a conducive environment for overall personality development of students. Apart from providing quality teaching, the faculty members are continuously...


We dedicate ourselves to contributing towards a vibrant India in terms of resources. Our systems and policies are directed towards creating an atmosphere of holistic and exciting learning, such that not only equips a young mind with the practical skill sets and needs of the current industry environment; it also encourages the mind to reach...


Welcome to MIET (Modern Institute of Engineering & Technology), the motivating lush green, pollution free campus with the state of art infrastructure at 430-year old historic city of Bandel in the state of west Bengal. It is an honour to host brilliant young minds from across he country and I am certain you will...

Our facilities


Our library is extremely
well equipped with...


We have our own fleet of
buses and small cars


Our laboratories conform to
university norms and

Corporate Relations

The Corporate Relation
team pivots the...

Anti-Ragging Cell

In absolute tandem with
the ethos of...


If academics are the
soul, then the...



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    Department: B.Tech-EE
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    Department: B.Tech-ME
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    Department: B.Tech-ME
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    Department: Diploma-EE

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