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The use and utility of computers have become an integral part of our daily lives and social interactions. Naturally, an academic qualification in Computer Science and Engineering is ever paying both in personal life and professional career. Since the inception of our college, we are running Computer Science and Engineering stream to build apt and qualified computer engineers. Our students in CSE are being trained with knowledge of modern computing system and latest softwares. In our different computer labs, each student is provided with a single computer, efficient internet connections and other knowledge sources.

Our CSE Department has well equipped laboratories for Data Structure and Algorithm, Database Management, Advanced Architecture, Software Engineering, Advanced Networking, Web Technologies and so on. Students use various software like Linux, Turbo C++, Mat lab, VHDL, SQL Server, Oracle, Java, J2EE, J2ME, Visual Studio 2010, AutoCAD 12 and Tomcat. We are having a dedicated computer center equipped with high end IBM server controlling more than 250 computers (PCs), all connected through 100 Mbps LAN. The internet connectivity available within the lab is 5 Mbps, with the lease-line connection.

A team of experienced, young and dynamic faculty works in tandem with the students with responsibility, dedication and commitment to develop students as skilled and industry-ready computer engineers. Faculties are also engaged in different research and project activities.