Odd Semester PPS/PPR 2018-19 results published. Follow makautexam.net for details.



We dedicate ourselves to contributing towards a vibrant India in terms of resources. Our systems and policies are directed towards creating an atmosphere of holistic and exciting learning, such that it not only equips a young mind with the practical skill sets and needs of the current industry environment but also encourages the mind to reach out beyond the immediate periphery and explore. Our dreams are not limited by geographical boundaries. There has to be a future that is sustainable for the human race, and that is what we strive in continuum to reach out to; through our students who are our evangelists.

Our Vision

Contributing towards a vibrant India through the breed of qualified, innovative and dynamic professionals.

Our Mission

1. To create and sustain a technology savvy campus and an environment conducive to academic and professional excellence, for holistic grooming of students.

2. To foster innovation, creativity and enterprising spirit among students, to emerge as successful entrepreneurs and global technocrats.

3. To create synergetic partnership with industries and R&D organizations. .