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Modern Institute of Engineering & Technology (MIET) started its journey in 2010. MIET pursues not only academic excellence but a value based system to provide a conducive environment for overall personality development of students. Apart from providing quality teaching, the faculty members are continuously engaged in the holistic grooming of students. Amidst the lush green, pollution free campus with the state of art infrastructure at the 430-year old historic city of Bandel in the state of West Bengal, it is an honor to host brilliant young minds from across the country.

At MIET, students can thrive in an atmosphere of intellectual enterprise, successfully accomplishing their quest for knowledge assimilation, generation, and dissemination with a sense of social responsibility. We aspire to produce global technocrats. Our mission is to create a breed of qualified, innovative and dynamic professionals for corporate sectors, service industry, academic & research institutions. While students, curriculum, and faculty comprise the three strongest pillars of our system; enthusiasm, passion and a driving compulsion to excel form the soul of our movement.

We strive to create a congenial and secure environment for our students and are dedicated to the cause of imparting education, the strength to dream and exercise one’s potential to the fullest during their years in college and in the multifarious realms of their careers. I am certain you will enjoy every moment of your tenure with the institution.I wish all students happiness and may you carry the memories of your years here to your life beyond.

Mr. Rana Deb,  (CHAIRMAN)