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During the inclusion of Electrical Engineering department in the academic activities of MIET, we had in mind that Electrical Engineering is the primary source of many present engineering streams like Computer Science, Electronics, and Communication, Instrumentation, Information Technology etc. It has also an intimate and eternal relationship with other two core engineering streams like Mechanical and Civil Engineering. Therefore, the knowledge and qualification in this branch of core Engineering will certainly help any sincere student to make a strong stride in his career path. The EE department is well organized with qualified and enthusiastic faculty, maintaining a healthy and affectionate relationship with students. The facilities available in different Labs of the EE department are exemplary.

In the Basic and Machine laboratories, students will get conversant with different types of Meters (Voltmeter, Ammeter, Wattmeter, and Power Factor Meter), AC Machines (Transformer, 3 Phase Induction Motor), DC Machines (Motor, Generator) etc. They will come to know about the characteristics of Fluorescent Lamp, Carbon and Tungsten Lamp and will draw their Characteristic Curves. The students will also verify the different network theorems like the Thevenin’s, Norton’s, Maximum Power Transfer and Super Position theorem. The Measurement Lab of the department is equipped with different types of Bridge Circuits (Anderson, De Saughty, etc.), calibration of different types of Meters (Ammeter, Voltmeter, Watt Meter and Energy Meter) and other relevant experimentations.


  The current repertoire for Diploma at MIET includes ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING.